we're a group of women making beautiful products and an even more beautiful life.

As a social enterprise, Freeleaf started in 2016 with a simple goal of providing employment and holistic care to at-risk and previously exploited or abused women in Asia.

We were inspired by the ancient tradition of knotting and the symbolism of our messy lives being shaped into something extraordinary.

Our beautiful products are each handmade by women working hard to develop sustainable lives and overcome abuse.

Your purchase makes this possible.


Women will experience sexual or physical abuse in their lifetime.

Of trafficking victims are women and girls.

Include poverty, low education, previous abuse, and more

without viable financial options, many women remain vulnerable to abuse.

we provide:

economic empowerment

through employment with fair wages and a safe working environment.

holistic care

through offering services like counseling, medical care, daycare, child scholarships, and more

professional development

through vocational training modules and opportunities for upward mobility

it all started with 3 women:

Adisyn, Lenore, and Lin.

meet our team (coming soon)

For a World Where Women are {K}not For Sale