Mini Believe Bowl

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A more petite version of our best-selling believe bowl, this hand knotted mini bowl is truly one of a kind. Measuring approximately 4" wide by 2.5" tall, it is perfect as a small jewelry or change dish. Each bowl is handmade by a single strand of 8mm rope. 

Can be spot-washed by hand with cool water and set out in the sun to dry. If using any cleaner, please test it on the underneath side to make sure that it will not affect the fiber colors.

Every Freeleaf piece is thoughtfully handcrafted by our staff of strong women overcoming abuse and exploitation. Each and every item is ethically produced for a fair wage, and helps provide holistic care including counseling, vocational training, and more to our staff of survivors. Your purchase helps us create a world where women are {k}not for sale™.

Every purchase provides

Economic Empowerment through full-time employment with fair wages, fair working conditions, and a full benefits package.

Holistic Care such as safe shelter, medical care, counseling, life-skills training, and professional development.

Support & Encouragement as these beautiful women overcome their history of abuse to become strong women able to achieve their dreams. 

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